How to create routing rules in ServiceDesk 7.0

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How Ticket Routing Works

By default, all tickets are sent to the Support I group. If you want to change this behavior, such as if a ticket has a high priority, a routing rule must be set up that will do this for you. Otherwise, manual assignment by the worker would be required.

Important - Please Read Before Continuing

  • The instructions in this article involve customizing ServiceDesk Workflow projects using Workflow Designer. It is strongly recommended that customization of Workflow projects only be undertaken by Workflow or ServiceDesk administrators who are experienced with creating, modifying, and publishing Workflow projects.
  • It is strongly recommended that the instructions in this article are first implemented and tested on a development or test installation of ServiceDesk. This will help ensure that the customization works as the user intends it to before introducing the changes to a production environment.
  • These instructions are provided "AS-IS". Symantec Technical Support is generally unable to assist in implementing customizations or in troubleshooting any issues that arise as a result of implementing customizations. This level of support is provided by Consulting Services. For additional information on this, please refer to the following articles:

    Symantec Global Enterprise Support Services Support Policy for Symantec Workflow Solution / Symantec ServiceDesk

    Consulting Services

How to Create a Routing Rule

Various routing rule examples are provided in the ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2 Customization Guide, starting on page 29. Please refer to this guide for instructions and examples on how to make routing rules. This guide an be found here:

ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2 Customization Guide

How a Routing Rule Works

  • Routing rules can be applied to basic or advanced tickets.
  • If an advanced ticket is used, any assignment must be manually removed or routing rules will not be applied. Note: By default, Support I is automatically assigned to every advanced ticket.
  • Routing rules are also applied if the ticket is edited and resaved, such as by reclassifying it.
  • Routing rules are not applied until the ticket is saved. Routing rules do not dynamically occur during ticket creation or editing.

Routing Rules for the Classification Field

Special consideration is needed for any routing rules that use the Classification field. This is described in more detail in the following related article:

Routing rules using the Classification field fail to route

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