Can out of box groups, such as Support I, be renamed in ServiceDesk or Workflow?

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You want to know if you can rename out of box groups, such as Support I, in ServiceDesk or Workflow, and if so, how.

While editing a group will enable its name to be changed, it is not recommended to do this for out of box groups, such as for Support I. This will break the dependencies of all Workflow projects that have this hard coded. Errors will result, such as trying to submit a ticket will return the error "An error has occurred. Please try your request later or contact <Administrator name> at <Email address>." Note: In ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2 and Workflow 7.0 SP3, these hard coded dependancies were relaxed. However, there can still be many refrences to out of box groups that can be added as customizations, such as routing rules in the SD.RoutingRules project.

If you want to use a group that has the same permissions as Support I (for example), however, instead create a new group and then use the original group as the Copy Permissions From Group from. Note: Only copying group permissions do not exactly duplicate what the original group can do. Other permissions exist, such as portal and page permissions. Refer to the related article below for information on creating custom groups:

How to add permissions to a custom group

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