Proximity sensor is not working properly on SWC 6.1 client machines.

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How to troubleshoot functionality issues with a proximity sensor configured to work with SWC 6.1 endpoints?




  • User sessions are not locked when user walks away from the terminal. SWC logon window is not displayed when user walks to the terminal.


Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue: Check the proximity sensors default walk away and walk up keys configuration settings in the GUI of the proximity firmware and make sure the key settings are as follows:
• Walk away [Ctrl + End]
• Walkup [Ctrl + Home]
Make sure that values for walk away and walk up keys are same in SWC client and server registry keys as below:
• [HKLM\Software\Symantec\Workspace Corporate]
• WalkawayKeys=DWORD:00040023
• WalkupKeys=DWORD:00040024
 Un-plug and re-plug the proximity sensor to check if the issue resolves.  Download and install the latest firmware. 


If the steps 1-4 do not resolve the issue, then contact the device vendor.

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