DS7.1: How to install Open TFTP to replace the Symantec MTFTP Service

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There have been some long-standing issues with performance of the Symantec boot services' MTFTP service that, at times, can be resolved by using a 3rd party TFTP server.  Though these servers cannot, obviously, be supported, it may be useful to attempt them to see if they will resolve performance issues.

Items of note:

  • There is an alternate way to get this.  There is a set of tools for DS called "SMART for DS" documented in: HOWTO26135
  • This is Open Source software and not yet officially supported by Symantec.   Support is pushing for official support of the product but the company has not approved this.  Even if we did support it, the Open Source community owns it, not Symantec, and if we found a bug or something, we'd have to submit changes via approved open-source channels.  However, we've had extremely good success with the product so far. 
  • When calling support, you may be requested to switch back to the Symantec MTFTP service if TFTP appears to the source of the issue.
  • There is a more detailed article describing this process in the Symantec Forums found here:
  • The actual product documentation can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tftp-server/

Installation Procedures

These procedures were developed with the 1.62 version of the installer and may or may not be compatible with other versions.

  1. First, download the zip file attached at the right of this KB.  NOTE: This is a minimal installation of the product for our purposes.  A complete install can be found from the default download location listed above.
    There are 2 files in the zip that should be placed in the location where you'd like the service to reside.  We will be pointing the service to this specific location so you will not be able to move the files later.  For instance, by default, the location of the product is "c:\Program Files\OpenTFTPServer" but they can be placed anywhere you want.
  2. Next, Run the Supplimental.VBS script.  There are 4 options:
    1. -i      This will install everything for you.  The other 3 are for testing purposes.
    2. -so   This will simply swap the default MTFTP service out for the new Open TFTP service.
    3. -si    This will swap the services back to the default settings.
    4. -r     This will reset and remove everything.


Optional: Silent Installation and Policy Driven Distribution

There is also the option to run this silently for remote SBS servers.  The same options you are prompted for can be used as switches with the VBS.  Thus, you could create a package in the console with the two files, and create various startup options in the package and push it out as a SWD policy or task.  You could even create a policy that distributes to all of your SBS servers which should be contained in the default filter called "Computers with Deployment Site Server Component installed (x86)".


DS 7.1_OpenTFTP1.62_Supplimental.zip (20 kBytes)

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