Performing real-time migration from Deployment Server is slow and/or freezes

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When performing a real-time migration through a script that calls PCTWiz.exe from a server share, the migration is slow and sometimes freezes.

PC Transplant Solution
Running PCTWiz.exe from a file share.


There could be many causes of the issue. One known cause is the NIC drivers of the computers need to be updated, but there may be others.


  1. Ensure the NIC drivers for both computers are up to date. If that does not work then proceed to the next resolution.
  2. Copy the PCT files down to the client computer and run PCTWiz from there.

For example, if you are running this from a Deployment Server job, have the job perform the following tasks.

  1. Copy PCT files to client computer.
  2. Perform the migration.
  3. Delete PCT files from client.
According to feeback from customers, this method is much more stable and faster than running PCTWiz from the eXpress share.

In order to save a little bandwidth, not all the files in the PCT directory need to be copied down to the client. For a list of necessary files, see article 22873.

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