How do I display a message based on a System Search?

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How do I display a message based on a System Search?


Use the property that was created for the System Search in an If Statement in your .MSI Script.  The property will resolve to true if it is populated and false if it is empty. Use the following syntax:

     Display Message
End Statement

If this messagebox should be displayed from a dialog, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to All Custom Actions script from the Installation Script drop down at the top of MSI Script.
  2. Select Call VB Script from Embedded Code.
  3. Give it a Custom Action Name that is meaningful to the message.
  4. Enter msgbox, "Your message goes here in quotes".
  5. On the location tab of this action, ensure that "No Sequence is selected.
  6. Go to the dialog that you would like to launch the message from.
  7. Double-click on the Next button and go to the Events tab.
  8. Click Add and populate the event as follows:

    Event:   DoAction
    Argument: Name given to message action in step 3.

This will check the property and launch the message box if the property resolves to false or is empty.

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