How to manually install the Carbon Copy Solution Agent

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In some instances, a manual or "single station" install of the Carbon Copy Solution Client may be necessary. Single station deployment from Notification Server may not be practical. How is a single station install performed?

Two options for manually installing the Carbon Copy Solution Agent:

  1. A manual install of the Carbon Copy Client solution can be done by creating a RIP package from within Deployment Server and using DS to distribute the RIP package to your selected clients. Of course, creating the RIP package will mean that you will need to install the CC Client on a system.
  2. The Carbon Copy Package directory on the Notification Server contains the necessary files to install the CC Client. The path to the package directory:

    C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\Carbon Copy Package

    Running CC-Solution-Agent.exe from this directory will install the client. The NSCAP directory is shared so any client on the network can access the directory and run this executable.
You can use the following commandlines to uninstall and install the Carbon Copy Agent:

//Carbon Copy Agent uninstall commandline
    ccunsetup.exe -q

//Carbon Copy Agent Install without reboot
    CC-Solution-Agent.exe /qn REBOOT=S

//Carbon Copy Agent Install with reboot
    CC-Solution-Agent.exe /qn REBOOT=F

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