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File Cache

You can configure file cache options for Auto-Protect scans of the file system. Auto-Protect uses a file cache so that it remembers the clean files from the last scan. The file cache persists across startups. If the client computer shuts down and restarts, Auto-Protect remembers the clean files and does not scan them.
Auto-Protect rescans the files in the following situations:
  • The client computer downloads new definitions.
  • Auto-Protect detects that the files might have changed when Auto-Protect was not running.
You can disable the file cache if you always want Auto-Protect to scan every file. If you disable the file cache, you might impact the performance of your client computers.
Table: File cache options

Enable file cache
Enables or disables the file cache
File caching decreases Auto-Protect's memory usage and can and help improve Auto-Protect scan performance.
You can disable this option for troubleshooting. If you disable this option, when the client computer restarts, Auto-Protect rescans all files.
Click the icon to lock or unlock file cache options on client computers.
Use the default file cache size
Applies only to 11.0 clients.
Uses the default file cache size when file caching is enabled.
The default file cache size is based on typical file usage patterns and is determined dynamically.
12.1 clients handle the cache size automatically.
Use a custom file cache size
Applies only to 11.0 clients.
Uses a specified number of file cache entries rather than the default size
You can specify the number of custom file cache entries to include. This option is useful for file servers or Web servers on which you want to cache a large number of files.
12.1 clients handle the cache size automatically.
Rescan cache when new definitions load
Enables Auto-Protect to rescan the cache when the client computer receives new definitions
You can disable this option to improve client computer performance.

 You can also set the following parameters:
  •    The file cache size 
               It is different according to SEP version. In SEP 11,the default cache size is 10,000 files per
               volume. You can change the cache size from SEPM console if you want File System
               Auto-Protect to rescan more or fewer files. In SEP 12,the default cache size is 30,000 files
               per volume.(Max files: 180000 files)
  • Whether or not Auto-Protect rescans the cache when new definitions load.          

             You might want to disable this parameter to improve File System Auto-Protect



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