About the file cache

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About the file cache

File System Auto-Protect uses a file cache so that it remembers the clean files from the last scan. The file cache persists across startups. If the client computer shuts down and restarts, File System Auto-Protect remembers the clean files and does not scan them.

File System Auto-Protect rescans the files in the following situations:

  • The client computer downloads new definitions.

  • Auto-Protect detects that the files might have changed when Auto-Protect was not running.

You can disable the file cache if you always want Auto-Protect to scan every file. If you disable the file cache, you might impact the performance of your client computers.

You can also set the following parameters:

  • The file cache size

    The default cache size is 10,000 files per volume. You can change the cache size if you want File System Auto-Protect to rescan more or fewer files.

  • Whether or not Auto-Protect rescans the cache when new definitions load

    You might want to disable this parameter to improve File System Auto-Protect performance.

    See Configuring File System Auto-Protect for Windows clients.

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