About system lockdown

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About system lockdown

System lockdown is a protection setting that you can use to control the applications that can run on the client computer. You can create a file fingerprint list that contains the checksums and the locations of all the applications that are authorized for use at your company. The client software includes a Checksum.exe tool that you can use to create a file fingerprint list. The advantage of system lockdown is that it can be enforced whether or not the user is connected to the network.

You can use system lockdown to block almost any Trojan horse, spyware, or malware that tries to run or load itself into an existing application. For example, you can prevent these files from loading into Internet Explorer. System lockdown ensures that your system stays in a known and trusted state.

Applications that run on the client computer can include the following executable files:

  • .exe

  • .com

  • .dll

  • .ocx

Symantec recommends that you implement system lockdown in the following stages:

Get an approved software image

Create a software image that includes all of the applications you want users to be able to use on their computers. Use this image to create a file fingerprint list.

Log unapproved applications

Enable system lockdown by logging the applications that are not included in the file fingerprint list. You can then adjust your file fingerprint to include the required applications of users. You can give them appropriate warning before blocking unapproved applications.

Add allowed applications

Add the executables that you want to be allowed even if they are not in the file fingerprint list.

Enable system lockdown

Enforce system lockdown and block unapproved applications.

You have the option to define a custom message to display to users who have blocked applications.

See System lockdown prerequisites.

See Setting up system lockdown.

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