About the Intelligent Updater

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About the Intelligent Updater

You can use the Intelligent Updater to download virus and security risk content updates to your management server. Symantec recommends that you use LiveUpdate to update content. However, in situations where you do not want to use LiveUpdate or LiveUpdate is not available, you can use the Intelligent Updater. After you download the files, you can use your preferred distribution method to update your clients.

The Intelligent Updater only provides virus and security risk content updates. It does not provide updates for any other type of content.

The Intelligent Updater is available as a single file or as a split package, which is distributed across several smaller files. The single file is for computers with network connections. The split package is for the computers that do not have network connections, Internet access, or a CD-ROM drive. Copy the split package to removable media for distribution.

See Using the Intelligent Updater to download antivirus content updates for distribution.

Antivirus and antispyware definitions are contained in the vdb and jdb files that you can distribute. Vdb files support 32-bit clients only. Jdb files support both 32-bit clients and 64-bit clients. These are the files that you place in client computer's inboxes. You can download updates from the following site:


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