Incorrect syntax near a keyword

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When clicking on a sample job/event, the following error occurs:

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Group'.
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ')'.
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ')'.
The ORDER BY position number 2 is out of range of the items in the select list.
Statement(s) could not be prepared.  

Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4


Incorrect ODBC settings.


1. Go to the ODBC settings in Control Panel under Administrative Tools.
2. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator window and click on the system DSN tab.
3. Highlight "Altiris eXpress Database", and click on Configure
4. Click Next through the next two screens and make sure that "Use ANSI quoted Identifiers" and "Use ANSI nulls, paddings and warnings" are checked. 
Putting a check mark by both of these boxes will solve the issue. 

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