Trobleshooting Software Virtualization Solution Agent Installation

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How do I troubleshoot a failed Software Virtualization Solution installation?


Most failed installs can be successfully completed after a reboot and reattempting the install. In the event that this doesn't work for you, more drastic steps may be necessary.

In the event of an installation failure, you'll need to create a Windows Installer log in order to determine where the failure occurs. You can add the "/l*v " switch to the command-line for the installation to generate a log file.

For example:

msiexec.exe /I Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi PRODUCT_KEY=<product-key> /l*v C:\SVSInstall.log
Search for "return value 3" inside the install log and the few lines above it should have an error message regarding the failure.

This error message may tell you exactly what the problem is, such as an invalid product key. In other cases the error message will indicate a more involved failure, such as not being able to install the driver or WMI provider, or something similar. In those cases you may need to contact Altiris support or do a manual cleanup of the installation.

For instructions on how to manually clean Software Virtualization Solution from a computer, see article 33823

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