How to create a policy to monitor NT Events

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How to create a policy to monitor NT events


  1. Right click on the folder where the policy will be stored and select New > Monitor Policy (Agent-Based)
  2. Go to the new policy and give it a name
  3. On the Rules tab click the blue plus icon
  4. Click the New icon and select 'NT Event"
  5. Give the new rule a name and select a category for this rule
  6. Click the yellow wheel icon to create a new Metric
  7. Depending on the event information desired, select the appropriate type on 'Property'
  8. Select the Condition type and the value to monitor
  9. Click OK
  10. Configure the Repeat as desired
  11. Configure any Actions desired
    1. Note: You can configure Actions on the rule and/or the policy.  If you want the rule to trigger an alert or action, configure it from this screen.
  12. Click OK
  13. Ensure the new rule is selected and click OK
  14. Configure the Detection tab as desired or leave it blank
  15. Configure the Action tab as desired
  16. At the bottom of the window, select the target(s) for the policy
  17. Save Changes
  18. Once the agents have downloaded a new configuration, the Monitor Agent will start monitoring the requested NT Events



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