Can the Classification menu from the Advanced Incident form be added to the General/Basic incident form?

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Can the Classification menu from the Advanced Incident form be added to the General/Basic incident form?

Yes, this functionality can be added to the basic form by editing the Workflow project and copying/pasting components from other projects.

Note: This article refers to ServiceDesk 7.0 and 7.1.  For ServiceDesk 7.5, please refer to TECH203386.

The first step is to open Workflow Designer on the ServiceDesk Server and opening the following projects:

  • SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm (This is the General/Basic Incident form and the only one actually modified by this KB)
  • SD.Feeder.TechnicianIncidentForms (This is the Advanced Incident form.  Two components will be copied from here but the project will be unchanged)
  • SD.IncidentManagement (This is the Incident Management workflow process. One component will be copied from here but the project will be unchanged.)

In the primary model of SD.Feeder.TechnicianIncidentForms, find the "Create Incident" form:



Open the Create Incident form to find the components that need to be transferred to the Basic form.  The marked fields in the image show the Classification label and the Menu Select components that need to be copied/pasted:


Copy those two components to the clipboard and then go to the SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm project.  In that project, find and double-click the "Create New Incident" form:


Paste the components from the previous step into this form and then reposition them so that they fit properly within the form.  You may need to move around things to get it to look the way you want.  Once you get it positioned properly, double-click the Menu Select component and click on the Functionality tab.  Under Output Paths, set Continue to be either "Required" or "Optional" (depending on whether you intend to make Classification a required field or not).

Next, open the SD.IncidentManagement project.  From the primary model, double-click on the "Save Resources" model.  This will take you to Model 11 (Save References and Contact Info).  Scroll down this project to the bottom.  Right next to the End component, you'll find a component called "Save Category Info For Profiles".  Copy that component to the clipboard.


Go back to the SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm project.  On the Primary model, scroll down on the left side until you find the "Create Incident" section:


Paste the component that you copied from the SD.IncidentManagement project here and position it just to the left of these components.  Delete the connection between the existing "Merge Critical Business Info Into Description" and "Submit Incident" components and reconnect them with the copied component as shown  here

At this point, save the SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm project and publish it to the ServiceDesk server with File > Publish Project > Publish Application To Server.  The other two projects may be closed without saving and don't need to be republished.

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