How To: Monitor a process for a % of processing over a specified time

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How to make a Monitor Solution policy that looks for an average % of processing of a specific process over a designated amount of time.



1.      Open Home > Monitoring and Alerting – Then Monitor > Policies > Monitor Policies.

2.      Right click on the policy folder you want to add the new policy to and go to New > Monitor Policy (Agent-Based).

3.      Name your new policy.

4.      Click the blue cross (Add) under Rules.

5.      Click the New icon and select Metric.

6.      Name your new rule.

7.      Select an appropriate Category.

8.      Click the yellow asterisks (New) under Metrics.

9.      Click ‘Select metric’.

10.  Click New > Performance Counter.

11.  Name your new performance counter metric.

12.  Add a description and edit the Polling interval as desired.

13.  Click Performance Counter Builder.

·         Note:  The builder will only offer you instances available on the target machine.  If most of your servers are alike, most of the instances will be the same.

14.  Edit the name of the ‘Computer’ so it has the target machine or similar machine.

15.  Click Get Objects.  This will get the list of available instances from the target server.

16.  Select Performance object: Process.

17.  Select Counter:  %Processor Time.

18.  Use the drop down for Instance to find the process you would like to monitor.

19.  Click OK.

20.  Make sure your new metric is selected and click OK.

·         If you want this metric to trigger when the process simply gets to a specific %, then leave the “Statistics” at None.

·         If you want the metric to trigger at another variable, select the appropriate Statistic.  For the purpose of creating a policy that triggers when a process stays at a specific % over an amount of time, select “Average”.

·         Select the amount of time you want it to poll over.

·         Select the appropriate Condition.  For our purposes, select “Is greater than or equal to”.

·         Leave the Value Type as ‘Constant’.

·         Add the Value of the metric average you would like to monitor for.  Since this metric type already understands that this is a percentage, you only need to put the number. 

21.  As an example, if you want to measure when a process is over 25% for more than 5 minutes you would set the “Time period” to 5: Minutes and the “Value” to 25.

22.  Click OK.

23.  Select the “Repeat” and “Actions” you would like applied to your new rule (if any).

24.  Click OK.

25.  Ensure your new rule is highlighted and click OK.

26.  Edit the Detection and Policy Actions as desired and select your target(s).

27.  Save Changes.


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