DS7.1: In DS 6.x, new computers (initial deployment) showed up in new computers and could be managed. How can we do this in 7.1?

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In DS 6.9, you can PXE boot unknown computers and once the automation environment loads, the unknown computer shows up in the console with the service tag id of the machine showing as the machine name and with a yellow “triangle” icon.  Once the machine shows up in the console, you can run whatever jobs necessary to configure the machine.  I’ve been testing with DS 7.1 and I can successfully PXE boot unknown machines and they respond to the PXE server configuration policy I’ve created on the NS but once they PXE boot, I don’t know where to find them in the console.  Am I missing something here or can you point me in the right direction?

New computers from Initial Deployment show up with the same group of names in the NS7 Console: "MiniNT_xxxx".  This is generated by WinPE randomly every time it starts.  Since this is the only data we have for the system at the time, this is how the inventory is reported to the NS.  They can be found in the Computers list by searching for anything starting with 'MiniNT'. 

However, most customers are not used to the limited information provided by the generic computers view or having to search.  For this purpose, Support has created a report that can be imported and used for managing initial deployment computers.  It is in the Support Tools KB 52995.

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