How to manually determine the HP Bios Configuration on a supported HP Computer

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What tool is used by HP Client Manager to modify supported HP Hardware bios?

The 'BiosConfigUtility.exe' tool is called by the software to determine and configure bios. 

  • To get the current configuration, the following command line can be executed:  BiosConfigUtility.exe /getconfig:config.txt
  • The resulting config.txt file will be stored in the directory where the BiosConfigUtility is executed.

Note:  If no information is returned in the config.txt file, there is a communication issue with the HP BiosConfigUtility.exe.    The following error codes have been provided by HP for diagnosing these issues:

0=SetBIOSSetting: Success
1=SetBIOSSetting: Not Supported
2=SetBIOSSetting: Unspecified Error
3=SetBIOSSetting: Timeout
4=SetBIOSSetting: Failed
5=SetBIOSSetting: Invalid Parameter
6=SetBIOSSetting: Access Denied
32768=SetBIOSSetting: Security Policy is violated
32769=SetBIOSSetting: Dependency Condition is not met
32770=SetBIOSSetting: Unsupported Configuration
10=BCU: Valid Password not provided
11=BCU: SetConfig File not valid
12=BCU: First line in config file is not 'English'
13=BCU: Failed to change setting
14=BCU: BCU not ready to write file
15=BCU: Command line syntax error
16=BCU: Unable to write to file or system
17=BCU: Help is invoked
18=BCU: Setting is unchanged
19=BCU: Setting is read-only
20=BCU: Invalid setting name
21=BCU: Invalid setting value

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