How to use Monitor Solution to Monitor Whether a File is a Certain Size

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  1. Go to Manage>Policies>Monitoring and Alerting>Monitor>Monitor Policies

  2. Choose a folder to add the new policy to, right-click on it, and select New>Monitor Policy (Agent-Based)

  3. Give the new policy an appropriate name

  4. On the Rules tab click the blue plus button

  5. Click New and select “Metric"

  6. Give the new rule a name and select a category (such as "Other") for this rule

  7. Click on the yellow wheel button to create a new Metric

  8. Click Select Metric

  9. Click the New button and select "Command"

  10. Give the metric a name, description, polling interval as desired.

  11. Select “Command line” under “Use” and paste the following line in the command box:

    for %I in (path\ do @echo %~zI                                                            (specify the path and file name in the parenthesis to the desired file)
  12. Add a “Return value column” amount of "0"

  13. Click OK twice

  14. Leave the Statistics: at “None"

  15. Change Condition: to "Is not equal to" or which ever situation the metric should check

  16. In Value: enter the expected size of the file in bytes and click OK. To figure out the file size manualrun the command line from step 11 on a normal file.

  17. Configure the Repeat as desired

  18. Configure any Actions as desired 

    1. Note: Actions can be configured on the rule and/or the policy.  If this rule should trigger an alert or action, configure it in this window.

  19. Click OK

  20. Ensure that new rule is selected and click OK

  21. Configure the Detection tab as desired or leave it blank

  22. Configure the Actions tab as desired

  23. At the bottom of the window, select the target(s) that the policy should apply to

  24. Save Changes

Once the agents have downloaded a new configuration, the Monitor Agent will start monitoring the specified file. 


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