How to turn Nessus plugins on or off for SecureRecon scans

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How do I control which Nessus plug-ins are run in a vulnerability scan?

The settings that control the scanning are in the .nessusrc file in the securerecon folder on the scanners. If you want to turn a plug-in on or off, edit the .nessusrc file and look for the following section:

10180 = yes
11840 = yes
10278 = no
10331 = no
10335 = yes
10841 = no
10336 = no
10796 = no
11219 = no
14259 = no
14272 = no
14274 = no
14663 = no
12241 = yes

This is just an example; your file may not look exactly like this. Just add a line in between begin and end in the SCANNER_SET section with the plug-in id followed by = no to prevent scanning with that plug-in or yes to scan with it. Once you save the file the changes will take effect immediately.

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