How to export IM Manager conversations to Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV)?

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IM Manager has two methods of export to EV: 1) direct-EV integration and 2) by using SMTP-based email into an Exchange Journaling Mailbox.

It is recommended that IM Manager customers use the direct-EV integration method of exporting.  This method provides better transactional integrity and controls for compliance purposes.  Only those customers that need to use Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator (EV/CA) Sampling capabilities need to use the SMTP-based email export.

See below for steps to export to EV using both methods.

Direct-EV Export

1. Upgrade to IM Manager 8.4.14 or higher.
2. If IM Manager version is 8.4.14 apply IM Manager hotfix DLLs from the KB article IM Manager Exports Duplicate Conversations to Enterprise Vault (EV) When There are Errors During the Export Process.

3. Download the latest version of the EV transformation file: EVTransform.xsl.
4. Save the downloaded file to the IM Manager computer where the IM Manager Administration Console is installed. Save the file as \IMManager\imarchive\EVTransform.xsl. This will overwrite the existing file.
5. See the IM Manager Implementation Guide for details on setting up an integrated EV export job.

NOTE: EV/CA sampling does not work with Direct-Ev Export conversations.  See article Using Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) Sampling Capabilities Return no Results for IM Conversations Exported using Direct-EV Export Job.

NOTE: IM Manager conversations are exported into EV as EML format.  As a result, see the following limitations:

* Export of IM conversations from EV Discovery Accelerator (EV/DA) is in EML format.  If you need to export from EV/DA in MSG format you must use SMTP-Based export. See article IM Manager IM Conversations in Enterprise Vault (EV) Can Only Be Exported By Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator (EVDA) as EML Format.

* Must use http://localhost/enterprisevault/search.asp when doing a basic EV search. See article Error Message When trying to Open IM Manager Exported Conversations in Enterprise Vault (EV) using http://localhost/enterprisevault/searcho2k.asp: Could not show this item .

NOTE:  It is necessary to turn on Forced Legacy Searching in EV Compliance Accelerator.  See the following article for details: How to Search Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) for IM Conversations Exported by Direct-EV Export Job

See the following article for the versions of EV supported by IM Manager: Supported Versions of Enterprise Vault (EV) with IM Manager.

SMTP-Based Export

NOTE: One limitation of using SMTP-Based export is that the date/times on the IM conversations used for searching are not correct in the EV Metadata.  See article Searching for IM Manager Messages in Enterprise Vault (EV) by Date Returns Incorrect Message(s) for details.

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