How to Search Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) for IM Conversations Exported by Direct-EV Export Job

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 This article applies to IM conversations inserted directly into EV by IM Manager. Perform the following steps to check this:

  1. Open the IM Manager Administration Console.
  2. Click on Administration tab.
  3. Click on Configuration > Export.
  4. Click the Edit control for the EV export job.

If there is an EV Directory DNS Alias textbox then the export job is an integrated EV export job.

Prior to performing searches for IM conversations in EV/CA ensure the following are in place.  Once these are in place then CA searching will work.

NOTE:  For any limitations with EV when using Direct EV export see the following article: How to export IM Manager conversations to Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV)?

  • All IM conversations have email addresses.

Use the following article to ensure that all IM conversations have email addresses: How to Troubleshoot Missing Email Addresses in Exported IM Conversations.

  • Ensure most recent version of EV export transform is in use.

Download the XSL transform file from the following article: How to export IM Manager conversations to Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV)? 

  • Ensure that both the To and From field of the inserted email address are not blank.  Ensure that at least either the To or the From field contains the an email address of an internal person.

1. Create a temporary SMTP-based export job.  See the IM Manager Administration Guide for details on this.

* Use a temporary directory for the Output Directory field.  For example c:\temp.  This ensures that the emails are not accidentally delivered
* Use the EVTransform.xsl as the value for the transform filename.

2. Run an export for a certain date range.
3. Open one of the emails on the file system in Notepad (or equivalent editor). Ensure it looks similar to this:

Message-ID: <10B91050-F8B0-4D78-907A-FB05340A87EB2141521354937>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 20:07:41 UTC
From: "bob technician " ;
To: "testingthings1" ; "John Doe" <>

The From and To fields are both filled in.  The information between the double quotes is the email display name.  The information between the angle brackets is the email address.  In the example above only the internal user John Doe has an email address.  The others are the IM names of the participants.

  • Turn on Force Legacy Searching in CA

1. Open the Compliance Accelerator client and select top level Configuration tab.
2. Select secondary Settings tab.
3. Enable hidden setting by holding down the Ctrl key and mouse selecting the words Configuration Settings near the top left of the results page.
4. Expand Search (87 items) and highlight the Force Legacy Searching row.
5. Click the checkmark on the Value column and press the Save button located at the bottom right of the screen.
6. A System Configuration information window appears stating the need to restart the Customer background Task.  This can be accomplished through the EVBAAdmin web page or by restarting the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager Service.

NOTE: Setting CA to search SMTP address causes additional overhead on the Enterprise Vault Indexing server during the search.  In effect, instead of searching the items within the index for a Department tag number, every member's SMTP address of the Department will be searched.  The 'Force Legacy Searching' option causes the searches to take slightly longer to complete.  A search may be chunked or split into multiple searches, depending on the quantity of members; this affect may increase the time for a search to complete.  The process will also consume additional memory resources during the search to accommodate the space required to load each of the SMTP addresses.

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