About the Compliance Accelerator components

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About the Compliance Accelerator components

Table: The Compliance Accelerator components lists the primary Compliance Accelerator components.

Table: The Compliance Accelerator components



Compliance Accelerator client

The client is used by Compliance Accelerator administrators to set up and manage the system and by reviewers to access the items that they are to mark.

See About the Compliance Accelerator client

Accelerator Manager Web site

This Web site lets you set up multiple Compliance Accelerator databases in which to store your data.

Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager service

This service handles the requests from the Compliance Accelerator client and works with the Enterprise Vault components to access archives, perform searches, and so on.

Customer database

The customer database is a SQL database in which Compliance Accelerator stores details of departments, user roles, search results, and more.

You can set up multiple customer databases.

Configuration database

The configuration database is a SQL database that specifies the location of the customer databases and stores details of the SQL Server, database files, and log files to use.

Support for Crystal Reports Web site (optional)

This Web site lets you view any legacy reports in Crystal Reports (.rpt) format that you created with Compliance Accelerator 2007 or earlier. In version 9.0 of Compliance Accelerator, the reporting facilities employ Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services rather than Crystal Reports.

Journaling Connector (optional)

The Journaling Connector collects a random sample of items that have been sent to the Enterprise Vault archive of a Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino journal mailbox. If you need to review a certain percentage of each employee's communications every day, the Journaling Connector is the best way to fulfill the requirement. At a set time, Compliance Accelerator adds the items during the previous 24 hours to the items to be reviewed for a department. You can specify the percentage of each employee's communications that you want to capture.

Compliance Accelerator provides one Journaling Connector for Microsoft Exchange environments and another for Lotus Domino environments.


Compliance Accelerator does not deduplicate randomly-sampled items.

See Configuration options for Compliance Accelerator

See Compliance Accelerator configuration for large installations

See Compliance Accelerator configuration for smaller installations

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