Speed during migration is too slow

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When I perform migrations, they take much longer than expected.

PC Transplant Solution (all versions)

There are several possible reasons:

  1. Error level is set to 3, which will cause everything to go to a log file. This is slow on a 2 GB migration and even slower when sending packages through Deployment Solution.
  2. Template is set to migrate unneeded folders such as profile folders. Some folders don't need to be migrated. PC Transplant Solution is better used to incldue what you want, not exclude what you don't after including everything.
  3. Templates are set to capture large files more than once. PC Transplant Solution files that are picked up more than once will be referenced on the pick up, but deployed several times.


  1. Use -errorlevel:1 instead of 3. This still gives you errors, but not megabytes worth of status and informational messages.
  2. Make sure that you don't select extra items that you are not sure about migrating. Profiles on computers are picked up and deployed without having to select the profile folder. Also, do not select C:\ to migrate as this will attempt to capture your entire hard drive and extend migration time.
  3. PC Transplant Solution files do not need to be specifically included unless they are not registered with Outlook. Large files like this will be captured and deployed multiple time and increase migration times per file.

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