Default Ports, Protocols, and Standard Addresses Routers used in Deployment Solution to support Multicasting

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What are the various default ports, protocols, and standard addresses used in Deployment Solution to support multicasting?

Listed below are the default and standard port and address information and how our product uses them to support multicasting.

DHCP requires Ports 67/UDP and 68/UDP
Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) requires port 401/UDP
MTFTP service uses port 1758/UDP and 1759/UDP

These packets are always UDP but the port address that is used can be changed.

The registry keys (on your PXE server):

These values can be set to the values you want the MTFTP service to use for multicasting.

AClient,  Bootworks and Console
Bootworks, Aclient,  and the console use a multicast address of on port 402.

IBMaster and IBClient use Multicast address of and on port 402.

NOTE: Each manufacturer and model of switch may require some different configuration settings, but the details listed above will allow should let you know what packets to allow though.

Many switches/routers have settings that have to be configured for multicast to work correctly. Please check the documentation on the switch to find these settings. Please see the knowledge base article entitled “Using Deployment Solution over Routers and Sub-nets” for additional information. Article # 19216

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