Creating or clearing a Next Hop

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If the attester selects a particular answer, the attester can skip unnecessary

questions. You change the flow of the questionnaire to "hop" from a response to

another question. The hop can skip one or more questions. When you create a

hop, a yellow box is added to the lower left corner of the original response icon.

Steps to select a Next Hop destination



In the RAM console, select an answer and right-click. In the submenu, select Assign NEXT-HOP.


In the Next-Hop message box, click OK.


Select a question for the Next Hop.


Click Yes in the Is this a Logical Next Hop message box.

Clearing a Next Hop destination

When you reset the next hop, you remove the next hop links. You can reset the

next hop logic from the questionnaire, the group, the question, and an answer

level. If you reset the next hop logic for the questionnaire, you remove all of the

next hop links.

You can reset the Next Hop link from one response to a question. When you reset

the next hop reference, you restore the object to its original state.

Steps To clear the Next Hop destination



Right-click on the selected parent object. In the Tools submenu, select Reset.


In the Reset NextHops message box, click Yes.



Selecting a Next Hop destination

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