Enabling debugging in Site Monitor

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What is the process to enable more extensive debug output and assist the troubleshooting process with the Site Monitor Solution?


The following is needed to enable Site Monitor Solution debugging for the Site Monitor Ping Monitoring Policies:

  • AeXSiteMonitorPing.dll—new  ping agent dll
  • SiteMonitor_Debug.exe—SiteMonitor_Debug utility, which will set the appropriate registry keys, in order to start sending messages to the DebugView log. Enable all items in the TRACE column.
  • Dbgview.exe—debug viewer, allows to view debug output from traces enabled.

These files are available from the FTP site ftp://apl-ftp1.altiris.com/Site%20Monitor/.

userid:      cc-monitor
password: gopats

The following are the steps needed:

  1. Open the Services console and stop the AeXGaugeSubsystem service.
  2. Also stop the Altiris Agent Service.
  3. Back up or rename the old AeXSiteMonitorPing .dll, then copy the new version to its installed location (C:\Program Files\Altiris\ALTIRIS AGENT\SiteMonitorAgent).
  4. Run the SiteMonitor_Debug utility and set all Trace keys. Make sure to have the DebugView running before going to the next step.  We want to capture the messages from the start.
  5. Go back and start the AeXGaugeSubsystem service.
  6. Start the Altiris Agent.
  7. Messages from the Ping agent should appear in debug viewer window.
  8. Debugging should be allowed to run for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to trap root cause output.

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