How to create an Agent-based Monitor 7 policy to monitor for a service

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  1. Open Home > Monitoring and Alerting then go to Monitor > Policies
  2. Find the folder you want the new policy to be in and right click it
  3. Go to New > Monitor Policy (Agent-based)
  4. Give the policy a name
  5. Click the Add button under ‘Rules’
  6. Click New > Metric
  7. Give the new rule a name and click the New button under Metrics
  8. Click Select metric
  9. Click New > Windows Service
  10. Name the new metric and configure as needed
    • The Query type will determine what you want to know about the service: Installed, Status, or Startup Type
  11. Ensure the new metric is selected and click OK
  12. Configure the evaluation as needed.  IE if you want to know if the service has stopped, use the following settings:
    • Statistics = None
    • Condition = Is equal to
    • Value = Stopped
  13. Click OK
  14. If you would like the rule to trigger an action, configure the Actions section as desired. As an example:
    • You can set the severity to “Warning” so that if the service gets stopped then there will be a Warning alert in the Event Console.
  15. Set  the Reset values as desired
  16. You can take action on the server the NS is on or you can take action on the agent machine. 
  17. To restart a stopped service on the agent, click the New button in the “Monitor Agent” section.
    • Select Run Script
    • Give the task a name and configure as desired
    • The most common way to restart a service is to run “Net start <serviceName>”
  18. Click OK twice
  19. Add your targets and enable the policy.
  20. Ensure your resources get the updated configuration.

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