Evaluation warnings display for installation created with fully licensed product

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I've used the demo version of Wise for two weeks and then bought the Professional version. When I recompile an installation project I get a blue pop-up saying that this project is made by Wise Demo, and not for Commercial use. What should I do to fix this?

Wise for Windows Installer 6.x
Wise Package Studio 6.x,7.X

Wise evaluation message custom actions are still present in the project file and resulting installations.


  1. To remove these messages from your installation, open your project file in Wise for Windows Installer (a non-evaluation version), and go to the Installation Expert view.
  2. Go to the Resources page.
  3. Select WiseEvaluationCall and click Delete.
  4. Go to the MSI Script view.
  5. In the Installation Mode drop-down select Normal Installation.
  6. Select the User Interface tab near the bottom.
  7. At the top of the User Interface sequence there will be a custom action named "WiseEvaluationCall".
  8. Select that action and press Delete.
  9. Select the Execute Immediate tab near the bottom.
  10. At the top of the Execute Immediate sequence, there will be another custom action named "WiseEvaluationCall".
  11. Select that action and press Delete.
  12. Remove all references to WiseEvaluationText from each dialog.
  13. Save the project.

If you perform these steps in an evaluation version of Wise for Windows Installer, the messages will be restored when you save the project.

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