About NetBackup troubleshooting utilities

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About NetBackup troubleshooting utilities

Several utilities are available to help diagnose NetBackup problems. The analysis utilities for NetBackup debug logs and the NetBackup support utility (nbsu) are especially useful in troubleshooting.

Table: Troubleshooting utilities



Analysis utilities for NetBackup debug logs

They enhance NetBackup's existing debug capabilities by providing a consolidated view of a job debug log.

See About the analysis utilities for NetBackup debug logs.

Network troubleshooting utilities

They verify various aspects of the network configuration inside and outside NetBackup to ensure that there is no misconfiguration

See About network troubleshooting utilities.

NetBackup support utility (nbsu)

It queries the host and gathers appropriate diagnostic information about NetBackup and the operating system.

See About the NetBackup support utility (nbsu).

NetBackup consistency check utility (NBCC)

It analyzes the integrity of portions of the NetBackup configuration and catalog and database information as they pertain to tape media.

See About the NetBackup consistency check utility (NBCC).

NetBackup consistency check repair (NBCCR) utility

It processes database-catalog repair actions and automates the application of approved suggested repair actions.

See About the NetBackup consistency check repair (NBCCR) utility.

nbcplogs utility

It simplifies the process of gathering logs for deliver to Symantec technical support.

See About the nbcplogs utility.

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