Similarities and differences of Carbon Copy and the stand alone version

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What are some of the differences and similarities between the Carbon Copy stand-alone application (Win32 Console) and the Carbon Copy Solution (CSAgent)?

1. If a computer is running the Win32 agent, can it be controlled by NS if it has the NSAgent only, or does it still require the CCSAgent too?
Yes, you can connect from the Carbon Copy Web console to a computer running only the Carbon Copy Win32 agent. Of course, you'll need to manually enter the computer name or IP address of this system running the Win32 agent since Notification Server will not have this particular system's IP address or workstation name in the database. Of course, if you have the Carbon Copy solution client on a particular system, and then simply exit those clients and run the Win32 agent to the Carbon Copy Web console. It does not differentiate between a Carbon Copy client or Win32 agent, just as long as the information for that system is in the database.

2. If a computer is running the Win32 Console, can it connect to a computer that is running the CCSAgent, or only the Win32 Agent?
Yes, a computer running the Win32 console can connect to either a Carbon Copy solution client or the Win32 agent. The advantage also is that the Win32 console application can concurrently connect to multiple systems (either Win32 agent or Carbon Copy solution clients) at the same time. This "one too many" support will be available in the Carbon Copy Web console in version 6.1.

3. If a computer is running the Win32 Console, and also has the CCSAgent installed, can it be controlled via CCS when it is controlling a computer via the Win32 Console?
No, this is not possible. The Carbon Copy Win32 console and the Carbon Copy solution client cannot be loaded concurrently. This is simply for the fact that Carbon Copy can only load one instance of shellker.exe on a given system. What will happen in this case is that if you try to load the Win32 console and the Carbon Copy solution clients together on the same system, it will both be sharing the same instance of shellker. You'll see the client.exe interface load for the Carbon Copy solution client and the CCW32.EXE interface load for the Win32 console and both will be sharing the same load of shellker.exe. This is not supported and also results in erroneous license error messages when loading the Win32 console.

4. Can the Win32 Agent and the CCSAgent coexist on the same computer, and if so, which Console will take precedence (Win32 or CCS)?
Yes, these two can coexist on the same system (from an installation standpoint) but as mentioned above, you can only load one these applications at a time, not concurrently. It is not recommended to have both of these on your system, however.
5. Why does the CCSAgent have a phonebook? Can you transfer the phonebook entries from a Win32 Agent to a CCSAgent?
The Carbon Copy solution client actually does have the ability to initiate a connection to another Carbon Copy client (not to a Win32 console, serial number matching is not compatible) but in reality, this particular function is being removed from the Carbon Copy solution with the release of 6.1. It has seldom, if ever, been used. Any phonebook.dat file should be exportable between the Win32 console and the Carbon Copy solution clients, but again, this feature is going away.

6. Can you use CCS 6 to control CCSAgent 5.8 and 5.7, or should you only use CCSAgent 6?
There will be connection issues if you attempt to use the Carbon Copy solution 6.0 to connect to a Carbon Copy solution client 5.8 or 5.7. The reason for this is that versions 5.8 and 5.7 performed a client license verification check (which, by design, is one of the first things that occur when you click on the connect icon) using a license page specific to Carbon Copy's GetCCLicenseDetails.asp. In version 6.0, this build utilizes a license page which contains all solutions installed on a particular Notification Server, GetLicenseDetails.aspx. In version 6.1 the Carbon Copy Client will call for the GetLicenseDetails.aspx page for license validation during the connection sequence. This is different from all previous versions of Carbon Copy where the Console system performed this function.

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