How can I add a language to Wise Installation Systems product that does not already exist?

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How can I add a language to .WSE in Wise Installation Systems that does not already exist?


Follow the steps below to add a new language into Wise Installation Systems:

1.  Go to Edit > Installer Messages.
2.  Select Norwegian or other language from the Language Name drop-down.
3.  Add in a Translated Name and Language Code (your choice).
4.  Translate all strings that are listed in the Messages listed in the dialog.
5.  Go to the Languages page of Installation Expert.
6.  Click Add, then add the new language from the list that appears.
7.  To translate dialogs, go to Script Editor, and select the language from the Language menu at the top of the screen.
8.  Translate the dialogs while the specific language is selected.

Note:  If the specific language does not exist in the Language Name drop-down list in step 2, select any language from the list to use as a template.  Next give it a Translated name that is the correct name for that language then enter the Language Code that is specific for that language (this needs to match the standard code used for each language).   After that is complete, follow the rest of the steps above.  It will then be available to select from the Languages page.

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