About the Host Properties on Windows

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About the Host Properties on Windows

Use the host property dialog boxes in the NetBackup Administration Console to customize NetBackup to meet site preferences. In most instances, however, the NetBackup defaults provide satisfactory results.

Figure: Host Properties utility shows the Host Properties in the NetBackup Administration Console.

Figure: Host Properties utility

Host Properties utility

The host properties can be changed in two ways:

  • Use the NetBackup Administration Console.

  • Use the bpgetconfig command to obtain a list of configuration entries, and then use bpsetconfig to change the entries in the registry.

The commands are described in the NetBackup Commands Reference Guide.

To change the properties of another client or server, the NetBackup server where you logged on using the NetBackup Administration Console must be in the Servers list on the other system.

See Servers properties on Windows.

For example, if you logged on to server_1 using the NetBackup Administration Console and want to change a setting on client_2, client_2 must include server_1 in its Servers list.


All updates to a destination host fail if Allow server file writes is not enabled on the destination host. This property is located in the Universal Settings properties.

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