About the NetBackup relational database on Windows

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About the NetBackup relational database on Windows

NetBackup installs Sybase SQL Anywhere during the master server installation as a private, non-shared server for the NetBackup database. The NetBackup database (NBDB) is also known as the Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) database. It contains information about volumes, and the robots and drives that are in NetBackup storage units.

The same installation of Sybase SQL Anywhere is used for the optionally-licensed product, Bare Metal Restore (BMR) database. The BMRDB database contains the information that the NetBackup Bare Metal Restore option manages. The BMR database is created during the BMR installation process.

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As part of the catalog backup, the database and the configuration files for the NBDB database (including the NetBackup Authorization database, NBAZDB) and the BMRDB databases are protected as follows:

  • Database files:

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\BMRDB.db (if BMR is installed)

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\BMRDB.log (if BMR is installed)

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\BMR_DATA.db (if BMR is installed)

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\BMR_INDEX.db (if BMR is installed)

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\DARS_DATA.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\DARS_INDEX.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\DBM_DATA.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\DBM_INDEX.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\EMM_DATA.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\EMM_INDEX.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\NBDB.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\NBDB.log

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\NBAZDB.db

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\NBAZDB.db.template

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\NBAZDB.log


    NetBackup does not support saving the NetBackup relational database (NBDB, including NBAZDB and EMM) or the configuration files to a remote file system such as NFS or CIFS.

  • Configuration files:

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data\vxdbms.conf

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\conf\server.conf

    • Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\conf\databases.conf


    The catalog backup process copies this data to Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\staging and backs up the copy.

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