About online, hot catalog backups on Windows

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About online, hot catalog backups on Windows

The online, hot catalog backup is designed for active environments in which continual backup activity occurs. It is considered an online, hot method because it can be performed while regular backup activity occurs.

The online, hot catalog backup is policy-based so it has all of the scheduling flexibility of a regular backup policy. Because the policy allows for incremental backups, catalog backup times for large catalogs can be significantly reduced. For Sybase SQL Anywhere, an incremental backup means a backup of the transaction log only. Transaction logs are managed automatically and truncated after each successful backup.

The online, hot catalog lets you recover either the entire catalog or pieces of the catalog. (For example, the databases separately from the image catalog.)

Online, hot catalog backups use media from the CatalogBackup volume pool only.

The online, hot catalog backup performs the following tasks:

  • Backs up the catalog while continual client backups are in progress

  • Spans multiple tapes for a catalog backup

  • Allows for a flexible pool of catalog tapes

  • Performs a full or an incremental catalog backup

  • Restores the catalog to a different location

  • Runs scheduled catalog backups

  • Appends to existing data on tape

You can configure an online catalog backup by using one of the following methods:

See Backing up NetBackup catalogs manually on Windows

See Strategies that ensure successful NetBackup catalog backups on Windows

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