About allowing all clients to perform redirected restores on Windows

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About allowing all clients to perform redirected restores on Windows

The NetBackup administrator can allow clients to perform redirected restores. That is, allow all clients to restore the backups that belong to other clients. Place an empty No.Restrictions file on the NetBackup master server where the policy that backed up the other clients resides.

Create an altnames directory in the following location, then place the empty file inside of the directory:

The NetBackup client name setting on the requesting client must match the name of the client for which the backup was created. The peer name of the requesting client does not need to match the NetBackup client name setting.


Do not add a suffix to the files in the altnames directory.


The Install_path\NetBackup\db\altnames directory can present a potential breach of security. Users that are permitted to restore files from other clients may also have local permission to create the files that are found in the backup.

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