About the data directory on Windows

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About the data directory on Windows

Install_path\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data is the default location of the NetBackup database, NBDB, and includes the following files:

  • NBDB.db

    The main NetBackup database file; considered a dbspace.

  • NBDB.log

    The transaction log for the NetBackup database, necessary for recovery. NBDB.log is automatically truncated after a successful full or incremental online, hot catalog backup of the SQL Anywhere database.

  • NBAZDB.db

    The NetBackup Authorization database is present whether or not NetBackup Access Control (NBAC) is configured and used.

  • EMM_DATA.db

    An additional dbspace that contains EMM data.

  • EMM_INDEX.db

    File that enhances the EMM database performance.

  • vxdbms.conf

    File that contains the configuration information specific to the Sybase SQL Anywhere installation:

    VXDBMS_NB_SERVER = NB_server_name
    VXDBMS_NB_PORT = 13785
    VXDBMS_NB_DATA = C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data
    VXDBMS_NB_INDEX = C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data
    VXDBMS_NB_TLOG = C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\data
    VXDBMS_NB_PASSWORD = encrypted_password

    The encrypted password that is used to log into the DBA accounts for NBDB, NBAZDB, and BMRDB, and other data accounts is stored in vxdbms.conf.

    The password is set to a default upon installation (nbusql). Symantec recommends that the password is changed after installation.

    See Changing the database password on Windows

    If the encryption method was changed from the default (SIMPLE) in the server.conf file, change this file to reflect the corresponding encryption method.

  • If BMR is installed, the directory also contains: BMRDB.db, BMRDB.log (transaction log for BMR), BMR_DATA.db, BMR_INDEX.db

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