How to use Wipe.exe

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How do you use Wipe.exe?

Running wipe.exe will completely wipe out the hard disk. There are two ways to use wipe.exe:

  1. You could add a run script task before the imaging job that runs that utility. That utility is under the "techsup/dos" folder in the eXpress share.
  2. You can run it from the DOS Prompt in automation:

    /# ./wipe -?
    Wipe: Wipe [dn] [-pxx...] [-s] [-dod]
    -dn      Wipe disk N (Shows the Disk number )(1-based.default=1)
    -pxx    Hex pattern, 1 or more bytes (default = 00)
    -s        Stamp drive with MBR showing not bootable when done
    -dod   Write pattern, its inverse, then random bytes.

See article 21745, Is Our Wipe.exe utility DOD compliant?, for information on that subject.

If showdisk.exe can see the floppy drive as a disk, then this utility will work on a floppy.

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