How Can I Set Security on Directories in Contained in SVS Layers?

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If I have a folder inside a SVS layer that needs to have security set up differently from the rest of the program how would I do that?

For example I have an SVS Layer of PC Transplant 6.5 but would like to change the security of the C:\Program Files\altiris\PCT which is visible only when that layer is active.  How do I do this?

Follow these steps to properly ACL the virtual directory:  This example is specific for the PCT folder mentioned above and adds a user to the permissions.

1- Import your layer into the SVS Admin console. Note that the path C:\Program Files\Altiris\PCT is actually stored in C:\fslrdr\1\[_B_]PROGRAMFILES[_E_]\Altiris\PCT.

2- Using explorer, browse to the real path for the directory  (C:\fslrdr\1\[_B_]PROGRAMFILES[_E_]\Altiris\PCT)

3- Edit its permissions and add a new ACE (Jimmy, Full Control in my test).

4- Activate the layer.

5- View the permissions on C:\Program Files\Altiris\PCT (It includes Jimmy with Full Control).

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