How to use the Risk Automation Suite licensing tool

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The Risk Automation Suite licensing tool is found at the following path:

C:\Program Files\Risk Automation Suite\Extras\Utilities\SLICLicenseConsole.exe -- (Default for 32 bit servers)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Risk Automation Suite\Extras\Utilities\SLICLicenseConsole.exe -- (Default for 64 bit servers)
It takes the following command line arguments:
install <licensefile>
Command line argument descriptions:
list – displays a list of features supported by the licenseing tool
 <feature> - where <feature> is one of the items displayed by issuing the “list” command. This command will display
                whether or not the feature is currently enabled on this system
install <licensefile> - installs the license file <licensefile> on the system


Procedure: Importing the license file

1. Copy the .slf file to the  "<InstallDir>\Extras\Utilities\" folder

2. At command prompt: cd to  "<InstallDir>\Extras\Utilities\"

3. Enter "SLICLicenseConsole install xxxxxx.slf"  (where xxxxxx.slf is the name of your actual license file)

4. Restart IIS services to allow the new license to be read.

5. log into the web UI and verify all expected modules appear in the navigatioin panel on the left.

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