About NetBackup Client Deduplication

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About NetBackup Client Deduplication

With normal deduplication, the client sends the full backup data stream to the media server. The deduplication engine on the media server processes the stream, saving only the unique segments.

With NetBackup Client Deduplication, the client hosts the PureDisk plug-in that duplicates the backup data. The NetBackup client software creates the image of backed up files as for a normal backup. Next, the PureDisk plug-in breaks the backup image into segments and compares them to all of the segments that are stored in that deduplication node. The plug-in then sends only the unique segments to the NetBackup Deduplication Engine on the storage server. The engine writes the data to a media server deduplication pool.

Client deduplication does the following:

  • Reduces network traffic. The client sends only unique file segments to the storage server. Duplicate data is not sent over the network.

  • Distributes some deduplication processing load from the storage server to clients. (NetBackup does not balance load between clients; each client deduplicates its own data.)

NetBackup Client Deduplication is a solution for the following cases:

  • Remote office or branch office backups to the data center.

  • LAN connected file server

  • Virtual machine backups.

Client-side deduplication is also a useful solution if a client host has unused CPU cycles or if the storage server or load balancing servers are overloaded.

Figure: NetBackup client deduplication shows client deduplication. The deduplication storage server is a media server on which the deduplication core components are enabled. The storage destination is a Media Server Deduplication Pool

Figure: NetBackup client deduplication

NetBackup client deduplication

A PureDisk storage pool may also be the storage destination.

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More information is available.

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