How to sort the Helpdesk Incident Queries list alphabetically

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Helpdesk has no out of box method to change the sort order of the Incident Queries list. This list is sorted in the order of the query's creation regardless of the alphabetical Name field value. The sort order can be, however, controlled by modifying the dbo.query table as described in the below workaround.

Note: This article is regarding the actual list of Incident Queries, not the results of an incident query, which is covered in the following related article:

How to sort Helpdesk incident query results

The workaround to this is to change the SQL query that displays how the Incident Queries works. WARNING: It is strongly recommended to test the following workaround in a test environment before committing it to a production Helpdesk server. Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist the customer if critical issues occur on their SQL Server due to using the workaround. Furthermore, a backup of the Altiris_Incidents database should be performed before making any changes. If critical issues then occur, the Helpdesk database can be restored to its original unmodified state.

  1. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, enter and run the following query:

    USE Altiris_Incidents -- If your Helpdesk database is not named "Altiris_Incidents", change this to be the different name.
    UPDATE dbo.query
    SET EXPRESSION = 'SELECT * FROM worker_query_view ORDER BY worker_query_name' 
    WHERE id = 104
  2. On the Helpdesk server, restart IIS:
    a. In Windows Server, click on the Windows Start button.
    b. Click on Run.
    c. Type iisreset in the Open field.
    d. Click on the OK button. Note: During an IIS reset, Helpdesk and all of Altiris will be momentarily offline. For example, if workers are editing incidents, these will not be able to save until IIS has finished resetting.
    e. The changes are now effective. When Incident Queries is next viewed, the list is now sorted alphabetically and will continue to be so for any new incident queries made. Note: This will also affect other areas of Helpdesk that reference a list of queries, such as the Worker Report Query dropdown list.

Additionally, the above instructions can be adapted to change the  sort order of other areas in Helpdesk by modifying the specific expression for the specific record ID.

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