Can I use WiseUpdate to deploy patches?

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Can I use WiseUpdate to deploy patches?  

You can use patches with Wiseupdate. You would populate the WiseUpdate Page in Installation Expert for the updated .msi file. Then, create your patch and manually distribute the .msp file to the Web server.

Use an FTP client to upload the following items to the Host Address and Host Directory you specified on the WiseUpdate page:

-The compiled installation file or files.

-An optional Readme file.

-The WiseUpdate update file, which specifies the current version of the application, the URL to the installation files, and the URL to the Readme. See About the WiseUpdate Update File.

You can place the installation files and Readme at any Web location, provided their URLs are recorded correctly in the WiseUpdate update file.

When you enter the URLs in the FTP client, make sure they match the case of the actual path on the Web server. Some HTTP servers are case-sensitive and display errors if the case does not match exactly.

Please read below on how your WiseUpdate File should appear.

About the WiseUpdate Update File
On the WiseUpdate page, you enter a name for the WiseUpdate update file, which is created during compile. Later, the update file is uploaded to a Web server. When WiseUpdate Client runs on the destination computer, it reads the update file to determine if a new version exists, and if so, where to find the new version and its Readme.

The update file is in .INI format and contains information you enter on the WiseUpdate page. It is formatted as follows:



-Version is the version of installation that is available on the server.

-Size is the size of the installation in bytes.

-Install is the URL to the installation.

-ReadMe is the URL to the installation's Readme file. If there is no Readme file, the Readme line is omitted.

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