Unable to see the list of incidents in the Winuser console

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If there are more than a couple of bulletins, the incidents are not viewable from the Winuser (My Helpdesk) console. I have already opened the Web page to full screen and the scroll bar is to the right so as to be able to scroll through the bulletins.

I cannot get to any of the workitems that are supposed to be listed based on the row count that does display. Both the grid header with the view icon and the grid footer with the row and page counts are visible, but the grid itself cannot be accessed.

Helpdesk 6.0


The grid used to display the workitem list did not have a minimum height set to force the Web browser to keep it at least a specific size. As more bulletins were added, the Web page tries to maintain its same size and was forcing the grid control to just display its controls, but the grid itself was left with no height. As more bulletins are added, the Web page does get bigger; however, until the Web page is large enough, the grid will remain in its shrunken state.

The attached ZIP file contains the template file "ConsoleMyHD.ascx". This new template contains the change that will force a minhieght for the grid and also adds the "Expand" tool similar to the one in the worker console which can expand and contract the grid size.

Make a backup of the current template ConsoleMyHD.ascx found in the folder \Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\Templates. Extract zipped copy template file to replace the existing template file you just backed up. Restart IIS (execute the command "iisreset").


Altiris_Helpdesk_6_0_sp4_KB22981.zip (9 kBytes)

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