Installation checklist

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Installation checklist

Before installing Symantec Web Gateway, gather information for the setup wizard such as the required IP addresses, administrator user name, and email address. You also need a Symantec license file and information about your internal network configuration. See Table: Installation checklist for a complete list of information and items that you need before installing Symantec Web Gateway.

Table: Installation checklist



Computer with Ethernet port for initial setup

(Required for physical appliance only)

You connect a computer to the Mgmt port on Symantec Web Gateway to initially configure Symantec Web Gateway. Any modern computer and operating system works for this purpose, such as Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Web browser

You configure and monitor Symantec Web Gateway using a Web browser from a computer on your local network. Most modern Web browsers are compatible with Symantec Web Gateway. The following browsers have been certified to work with Symantec Web Gateway on Microsoft Windows:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0

  • Mozilla Firefox 3

Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and any browser not on Microsoft Windows are not certified to work with Symantec Web Gateway.

Symantec Web Gateway can monitor Internet traffic on user computers from any Web browser. However, the network on which the user computers reside must be configured in the Web GUI.

In most cases, Symantec Web Gateway does not require changes to any user software including the Web browser. However, if you configure Active Directory integration using NTLM, you may have to change the Web browser configuration on user computers. This change prevents an authentication pop-up window.

Administrator user name and password

Choose an administrator name and password for access to the Web GUI. The primary administrator can create additional administrator accounts for access to the Web GUI.

Email address

You specify an email address in the setup wizard. Symantec Web Gateway sends alerts and reports to this email address. If you click the Forgot Password? link on the logon page, a new password is sent to this address.

License file

A Symantec license file typically has the extension .slf. When you register your software license, Symantec emails you a license file. Put the license file in a location that is accessible from the computer on which you plan to run the setup wizard. Symantec provides a two week grace period with base functionality if you run the setup wizard without specifying a license.

The following types of licenses are available for Symantec Web Gateway:

  • Base

    The base license includes detection of spyware, viruses, and botnet infections. If it is configured in the inline network configuration, Symantec Web Gateway can block malware downloads. In addition to Web browser-based malware, Symantec Web Gateway can detect malware in other Internet applications such as IM and FTP.

  • URL filtering

    In addition to the features in the base license, the URL filtering license lets you monitor or block access to Web pages based on policies.

IP address and related network settings for Symantec Web Gateway appliance

You typically configure Symantec Web Gateway with a static IP address. To specify a static IP address for Symantec Web Gateway, obtain an IP address in your network that is not in use by another computer. The following network settings are needed for a static IP address:

  • IP address

  • Subnet mask

  • Default gateway

  • Primary DNS

  • Secondary DNS (optional)

  • DNS suffix (optional)

You can configure two IP addresses for Symantec Web Gateway. In this configuration the IP addresses are used as follows:

  1. One IP address is used for communication with the Web GUI.

  2. Symantec Web Gateway uses the other IP address for communication with the user .

    For example, Symantec Web Gateway sends the end user blocking pages and authentication requests using this IP address.

This two IP address configuration is recommended if you plan to connect Symantec Web Gateway in the inline network configuration. The two IP addresses must be in different subnets.

Proxy information

A proxy is not required for Symantec Web Gateway to function. However, if Symantec Web Gateway accesses the Internet using a proxy or users access the Internet using a proxy, you must specify the following information:

  • Proxy IP address and port for Symantec Web Gateway to use for Internet access

  • HTTP proxy ports that users use to access the Internet

List of internal subnets

You must specify your internal subnets in Symantec Web Gateway after running the setup wizard.

Configure DNS

You must have DNS configured to resolve Internet addresses. In most cases, Symantec Web Gateway does not require changes to DNS to function. However, if you configure Active Directory integration using NTLM, you must create a DNS A record entry for each Symantec Web Gateway appliance. These DNS entries ensure that Web browsers access Symantec Web Gateway as an intranet device. The DNS entries can prevent authentication dialog boxes from being displayed to users.

Up to 4 normal and 2 crossover Ethernet cables

You need up to four normal and up to two crossover Ethernet cables. The number of cables you need depends on the network configuration that you choose and the number of LAN and WAN ports on the appliance. Crossover Ethernet cables are included with your appliance. The Ethernet cables should have the typical RJ-45 (8P8C) jacks.

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