About blocking or monitoring modes

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About blocking or monitoring modes

Table: Comparison of blocking and monitoring modes describes the modes that are available for Symantec Web Gateway. The mode that you choose defines the default behavior of Symantec Web Gateway when you configure user policies.


You can override the default mode when you configure policies. For example, if you set Symantec Web Gateway to monitoring mode, you can configure a policy that blocks Web sites.

Table: Comparison of blocking and monitoring modes




Depending on the network configuration, Symantec Web Gateway can block Web sites, phone-home attempts, and file downloads. When in blocking mode, Symantec Web Gateway also provides reports on user activity like monitoring mode. You must install Symantec Web Gateway in the inline network configuration to block file downloads.

See About inline or port span/tap network configurations.


Symantec Web Gateway does not block any Internet traffic, but it provides reports on user activity. This mode can be useful as an initial test of Symantec Web Gateway.

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