Running helpdesk on an alternate port (not port 80)

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I have configured the default web site used by my helpdesk server to run on a port other than port 80.

Now Helpdesk inboxes, multiple incident edits and deletes, synchronization of assets and contacts, and editing incident automated actions inside Notification policies are all not working.  

What changes to the helpdesk configuration can and should I do in order to restore this Helpdesk functionality?


Helpdesk has background operations that must open http requests.  These requests normally execute with the URL path of "localhost"; however if the port has been changed, then registry key strings must be changed to force Helpdesk to use the now correct port when running these http requests.

1. Open the registry key HKLM\Software\Altiris\eXpress\Helpdesk Package.
2. Create or edit the following strings with these values:

AeXHDWebService = "http://localhost:<Port#>/AeXHD/webservice.asmx"
example "http://localhost:8086/AeXHD/webservice.asmx"

Authority = "<ServerName>:<Port#>"     
example "Helpdesk:8086"

If the Helpdesk server is going to be accessed outside the domain then <ServerName> should be the fully qualified domain name and the FQDN needs to be added to the Local Intranet security zone for the AppID. To add the the FQDN to the AppID's Local Intranet security zone, log onto the server using the application id login, open the Internet Options control panel, switch to the Security Tab, select the Local Intranet zone, click the Sites button, and add the FQDN to the list of web sites.

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