How can I execute a .EXE that contains an .MSI from another .MSI?

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How can I execute a .EXE that contains an .MSI from the .MSI?

Nested Installations are not recommend by Microsoft. The .EXE file will reside on the CD in the same directory as the .MSI.

1.  Use a Execute Program from Path action to launch the .EXE wrapped .MSI
2.  Place this custom action after Cost Initialize in the User Interface.  (The User Interface is the only script that a .MSI can be launched in without creating a nested installation).
3.  Place a condition around the custom action to ensure that the Custom Action only executes in specific cases.  Example:  If a System Search is used to determine if the Custom Action should launch, use an If Statement around the custom action that checks the property.

Execute Program from Path
End Statement

Note: if this .EXE that launches an .MSI needs to be run to have your installation complete, you cannot run the main .MSI silently, as  the User Interface section is not run during a silent installation.

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