FEATURE REQUEST: AClient connecting to the Deployment Server via wireless

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I would like to use a wireless network and have the AClient connect to the Deployment Server. Will this work?

AClient connecting via wireless should not be a problem. However, The aclient Wireless connection may cause duplicated records in the Deployment Server console and it is not supported based on unstable connection.

For example: If you are transferring large files or many files, then the connection will be slow or drop connection. Also, Remote Control and Chat will be slow but may also drop its connection.

We do not support client connectivity of any sort. Automation, Production, DAgent, Aclient, and ADLAgent.

The Customdata.ini needs to be created using the following article to exclude the Wireless Nics.

Article ID: 32611 How to exclude Wireless/virtual adapters being detected and reported by AClient

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