PXE 6.1 Troubleshooting documents E-xx errors

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Is there a compilation of 6.1 PXE troubleshooting documents?

Please refer to the attached ZIP file. The ZIP file contains:

  • PXE basic troubleshooting
  • PXE across VLANS and subnets
  • PXE services having problems
  • PXE E-53 ProxyDHCP service did not respond on port 4011
  • PXE E-53 No Boot file name received
  • PXE E-35 TFTP Read Timeout
  • PXE E-32 TFTP Open Timeout
  • Disabling Multicast for the boot file transfer
  • Creating PXE bootfiles in 6.1
  • The complete list of PXE errors


PXE TroubleShooting docs.zip (967 kBytes)

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