How to use Helpdesk e-mail if your main mail server does not have POP3 or if POP3 is not allowed?

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Is there a way to use Helpdesk e-mail without enabling POP3 on the corporate email server (IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server or any other email system)?

Only SMTP is available to connect to the mail server.

A good workaround is to set up a new mail server (SMTP + POP3) on the Altiris server itself, as shown here:

In this setup the corporate mail server routes emails addressed to the Helpdesk inbox via the new mail server hosted on the NS. The mail server on the NS delivers the email to a POP3 or IMAP mailbox where the Helpdesk Solution retrieve the emails on schedule. In this manner no POP3 communications have to be directed outside of the NS limiting risks of having the mailbox credentials comprised via network sniffing.

The outbound email from the NS SMTP server should be configure to forward all mails to the corporate mail system to avoid routing internal mails via the internet.

You can use any mail server of your choice to implement this work around, or for example the built in Microsoft Mail services (POP3 mailboxes and SMTP server) to do this. The example below explains one option to setup a Microsoft mail server on the NS to receive information from an Exchange server:

First you setup the SMTP service and create a receive domain there. Typically the DNS name of the server. Then you are able to receive e-mail from the Exchange server.

Then you setup a MS POP service. In Properties on your server, you can set the root mail directory to the SMTP directory. Create the same domain as in IIS SMPT and under that create a mailbox to pop.

You can test this using Outlook Express.

When you have the mailbox working (when you can send e-mails to it using Outlook Express and the Helpdesk is picking it up) have Exchange forward all e-mails to

Also the Exchange server must allow mail relay from the Altiris server (so it can use it as its SMTP server) for outgoing mail.

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